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Constructed from a liquefied lens material to form a single mould, our injected lenses have a varied thickness at the curve, providing less peripheral distortion than a standard stamped or layered lens. The injected lens can also withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture, an essential for the fearless adventurer. 

Find your next pair of top-quality injected sunglasses at Carve. The secret behind their popularity lies in the liquefied lens material, which forms a single mould. That allows our injected sunglasses to feature a varied thickness at their curve — meaning you benefit from less peripheral distortion than a standard construction pair would cause.

Our injected sunglasses are the perfect choice for anyone who is often out in all weather conditions. With the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and moisture, they are perfect for anyone who loves being outdoors. Wear them when exploring, skiing, snowboarding or at the beach — their versatility is endless.

With over 20 years of experience in eyewear, Carve is the place to go for high-quality and stylish sunglasses. Find your new favourite injected sunglasses in our women’s injected lens sunglasses and men’s injected lens sunglasses ranges. With so many styles and colour combinations to choose from, finding one you’ll love is easy.