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Have fun on the snow for longer with Carve’s low light goggles. Designed to enhance your visibility in low light conditions, such as during a snowfall or at dusk, our low light ski goggles will keep you riding for longer.

While others need to call it a day, with our low light snow goggles you can experience the adrenaline rush of riding on fresh powder while the snow is still falling and be the last one coming down the mountain on completely empty slopes. Incorporating contrast-enhancing technology in lenses that let through a higher percentage of visible light, our low light goggles will expand your comfortable riding or skiing range and keep you and your eyes safe during a whiteout.

Choose from a range of modern and edgy designs, including geometric frames, bright and colourful designs or frameless options. For even more alternatives, check out the rest of our snow goggles range. From all round lens goggles to extreme low light lens goggles, we have it all. Shop online today for low light goggles that not only look awesome, but will allow you to ride for longer this winter.