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If you want to do your part for the environment and are actively trying to limit the amount of plastic you use, these are the right sunnies for you. Our recycled sunglasses for men are made from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic so that you can look and feel good knowing you have made a responsible consumer choice.

We are proud to offer 6 of our best-selling frames with innovative lenses made from recycled plastic resin. And there is more. These are not the only sustainable sunglasses for men we manufacture. Both our men's iridium lens sunglasses and men's mineral glass lens sunglasses are made from natural elements and feature recycled lenses to protect the environment and all the creatures living around us.

So take a look at our stylish men’s recycled plastic sunglasses or any of the other men’s sunglasses at CA R V E, knowing that you are supporting a company striving to reduce our collective impact on the planet.