Collection: Shield Sunglasses

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If you love sports and you want to look stylish while playing them, shield sunglasses are the ideal choice for you. At Carve, we have put together an extensive collection of top-quality shield sunglasses, with designs available for men and women.

Shield-style sunglasses offer a significant advantage over regular sunglasses when you’re playing sports. This is because they have one continuous lens rather than two, so your vision is not obstructed by the frame at any point. In addition, our range includes sunglasses with side shields, which continue around the side of the face, so you don’t have to see distractions in your peripheral vision.

These wrap sunglasses never date — they always look stylish and are ideal for activity and casual wear. From flat top shield sunglasses to curved designs, you’re sure to find a style here to suit your face shape and personal tastes! However, if you want to try different styles, you can check out our other sunglasses ranges while you’re here.

Shop our shield sunglasses today, and give yourself the very best advantage.