Carve has built an enviable reputation for producing sunglasses of quality and value. This is backed up with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty that commences from the date of purchase.


Carve takes pride in the quality of product we produce and the level of customer service we provide. Customer satisfaction is an ongoing priority. Any genuine claim relating to workmanship or materials etc. (within the warranty period) will be dealt with promptly and efficiently.


It is advised that proof of purchase from an authorised dealer be kept for the term of the warranty for validation in the event of a claim.


Warranty claims should be returned to place of purchase. In the event that the purchase was made while traveling etc. and you are unable to return to the place of purchase you will need to correspond via email to providing a brief overview of the problem, style name, style number, images of the sunglasses, where and when the purchase was made, and proof of purchase.


Replacements will only be provided for valid claims pertaining to manufacturing faults, material flaws or issues relating to workmanship.


This warranty does not apply to sunglasses that are deemed to be mistreated, or what is considered as normal wear and tear. For example; scratches, broken lenses, lost screws etc. deterioration of frames and/or lenses due to contact with chemical based liquids such as sunscreen, body lotions, perfumes and insect spray. This also applies to sunglasses that are not specifically designed for exposure to salt water. (Exposure to salt water can have an effect on lens lamination and reduce lens clarity).


Modifications of any kind made to sunglasses after purchase will render them void of warranty.


Carve reserves the right to determine the validity of each individual warranty claim, and the final decision relating to complex and prolonged claims will be at the total discretion of the manufacturer.


Note: Any claims received outside the warranty period will not be accepted under the terms and conditions of this warranty. 


Product returns not pertaining to the initial place of purchase should be directed to:

Carve International

75 Ashford Avenue, Milperra, Sydney NSW 2214.


Refunds can only be obtained and/or negotiated through the place of purchase. Carve customer service can offer specialised product assistance and replacement etc. but are unable to process financial transactions.


Spare Parts for sunglasses are not available.


To avoid unnecessary or accidental damage to Carve eyewear it is advised that the sunglasses be stored in the protective pouch (Provided), or in a suitable glasses case of your choosing.

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