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Since 1998, Carve has been leading the way when it comes to innovative Australian eyewear. Our men’s iridium lens sunglasses come with a highly reflective iridium coating which protects your eyes by blocking harmful glare and gives them an extremely stylish mirrored effect.

Carve men’s iridium lens sunglasses come in a fantastic variety of models and colours, so finding one you love is easy. Our selection of men’s iridium lens sunglasses has the coolest coloured lenses and all the most popular men’s sunglasses models. Find all our best-sellers collections, from our injected lens sunglasses to our innovative floating sunglasses range, made with the industry-leading technology of iridium coated lenses. Just because the lenses have been coated with iridium to make them reflective, it doesn’t mean that other lenses technologies can’t be applied at the same time. Our men’s iridium lens sunglasses range has polarised and non-polarised options as well as scratch-resistant mineral glass lenses, so you can have the best of both worlds. Select your favourite pair from our collection of men’s iridium lens sunglasses today for great looking and highly protective shades that will quickly become your favourite.