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As surfers we are innately aware of the pristine beauty of our ocean environments, however humankind's reliance on plastic is becoming a catastophic problem and thus we need to stop our consumption of single use plastic in particular and refrain, reduce and reuse such materials.

Unlike polyester, recycled polyester uses PET as the raw material. This iis the same clear material that is used in plastic water and soft drink bottles. This process of converting PET into recycled polyester requires 35-53% less energy than virgin polyester.



CARVE's range of Men's T-Shirts is a tribute to those who live boldly and embrace the essence of the outdoors. These t-shirts, crafted from premium, soft-touch fabrics, offer unparalleled comfort and durability.



With a focus on functionality, CARVE's shorts feature quick-dry fabrics, practical pockets, and adjustable fittings, ensuring optimal performance and convenience.



Seamlessly transition from the surf to the city. Our shirts are crafted with premium fabrics that promise comfort and durability. Our collection features a variety of designs, from laid-back, casual prints perfect for a day at the beach, to sleek, sophisticated patterns that fit right in for any setting.