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Get men’s wrap sunglasses and keep your eyes protected from all angles. Carve’s range of men’s wraparound sunglasses will effectively shield your eyes while raising your cool factor to unprecedented levels. Perfect for exhilarating activities, relaxing in your backyard or catching up with friends, your new pair of wraparound men’s sunglasses is bound to quickly become your new best friend.

From the unapologetic Wolfpac design that has been commanding respect since the 90s to the outstanding Check Mate style, the slim-lined Greed and many more models, Carve’s selection of wraparound men’s sunglasses is jam-packed full of fashionable and timeless pieces. Available in a variety of colours and your choice of polarised or non-polarised lenses, finding a model that suits your style has never been easier. If, however, the wraparound style isn’t your thing, why don’t you take a look at the rest of our men’s sunglasses range? From men’s round sunglasses to men’s aviator sunglasses and everything in between, we have got it all.

Shop the range of 100% UV protected men’s wraparound sunglasses or any other Carve style today and take your eye care to the next level.