About Us

Born through a gap in the market for premium eyewear at the best value price, it was in 1998, Sydney, Australia, that Carve was established. The founders aimed to create a company that encompassed their passion for surfing, snowboarding and adventure and for the past 25 years our mission of providing quality designs at affordable pricing has remained deeply ingrained.

These days, our one-hundred percent Australian owned and managed brand has a global reach. We have expanded our product line to include snow goggles, clothing and accessories, and rejuvenated our sunglass range to create a covetable collection of opulent, statement frames. With our stock gracing the shelves of leading retailers in over 30 countries worldwide, we continue to build on our loyal customer base, a testament to our innovative dedication to product design. 

An emphasis on reducing our collective impact on the planet is the driving force behind supplying more sustainable products to the market. Our greener focus has led to the development of a sunglass range made from 100% ocean-bound plastic, and we are working with suppliers to eliminate single-use plastic from our packaging, without compromising on quality or cost to consumers.

With passion and promise at the core of our brand, we take great pride in recruiting Carve surf and snow ambassadors. Supporting the very community that sparked our aspiration 25 years ago is fundamental to maintaining our vision. Our roster boasts some of Australia’s best up and coming surfers and boarders as well as some more influential and accomplished riders here and internationally, such as world tour surfer Alyssa Spencer.