Tim Humphrys

Tim Action Shot

Where are you from?

Pupukea, Oahu

Local spots?

Palisades Tahoe, Boreal, and Donner Summit are my local shreds, but I usually hit Mammoth in the late spring and Mt Hood in the summer. California has a really long snow season for resort riding compared to most places in the US

Favourite places?

Alaska, Japan, European Alps, Whistler Backcountry too. All those places have some of the most awesome snowboarding. Aside from the frozen tundra, i’ll take any beach with waves. Bonus points if I don’t have to wear boots, gloves, and a hood to surf there. (Looking at YOU, Oregon coast.) There was a time when I would live on the beach in Baja for weeks and surf every day. No hotel, no tent, no schedule.

What's your favourite style of Carve sunglasses?

The LevelUp are somehow really my vibe, but I also seem to wear the La Roca and Anchor Beard’s a lot too. Some of the larger women’s frames look awesome when the party is right haha

Biggest achievement?

Being 35, still snowboarding the way I do, and never worked in a cubicle.

Something about yourself not everyone would know?

I’m nasty at FPS games on PC. People know about my exotic computer builds relevant to all my content creation, but I don’t dive very deep into how involved those creations actually are. I’ve been hired by microprocessor companies like Intel to present and speak about their technology at CES. All my social media followers just want to see me chuck carcass off stuff, so that’s mostly what they get