Collection: Blue Light Glasses

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Have you heard of blue light glasses and the potential benefits they can provide for your eyesight? Radiating from your digital devices like your phone, computer screen and tablet, blue light can put strain on your eyes and cause problems including red eyes and sleep disruption. Thanks to a pair of blue light glasses, however, you can easily protect your eyes from damaging blue light.

At Carve, we have a range of blue light filter glasses in different styles, shapes and colours. From our Havana, Icon, Dahlia and Goblin shapes that suit most adults to styles designed to suit small faces and children, we have blue light blocking glasses for everyone.

We know that it’s increasingly harder to get away from our screens, but a pair of our blue light computer glasses will provide your eyes with the protection they need without having to make changes to your life. Browse our range online today and check out our full range, it even includes blue light reading glasses for those who have a prescription.